Rubber Safety Gloves, Black, WL-811

  • Rubber Safety Gloves
  • Made with 100% premium Natural Rubber
  • Made with a rough finish and rolled cuff which  protects against chemical splashes and abrasions
  • Soft on your hands but durable for a wide range of activities such as fishing, sand blasting, mining, waste and light chemical processing
  • Colour: Black outside and Orange inside
  • CE EN377 and  EN420 approved


Item Volume/Size UOM1
WLS-811A 10 X 14 Doz
WLS-811B 11 X 14 Doz
WLS-811C 10 X 18 Doz
WLS-811D 11 X 18 Doz
WLS-811E 10 X 24 Doz
WLS-811F 11 X 24 Doz