Abdominal Pads Sterile

  • Technologist Choice Sterile abdominal pads can be used to treat trauma wounds directly or act as a secondary wound dressing to provide cushioning and moisture protection
  • It is made up of three layers that quickly absorbs and disperse fluids
  • All edges are sealed to prevent any leaking and build up of lint 
  • Pads are sterile and individually packed 
  • Available  in three sizes: 5'' x9", 7.5" x 8" and 8" x 10"


Item Volume/Size Brand UOM1 UOM2
DRS-308 5 X 9 Technologist Choice 20 Pads/Box 20 Boxes/Case
DRS-309 7½ X 8 Technologist Choice 12 Pads/Box 20 Boxes/Case
DRS-310 8 X 10 Technologist Choice 16 Pads/Box 16 Boxes/Case