• Made with Clear Corrosion-Resistant Borosilicate Glass for ensuring superior clarity
  • Slides are Pre-cleaned and lint-free to satisfy normal laboratory requirements 
  • Super sized plain glass slide is also available for special procedures
  • Edges are ground or beveled and polished to prevent abrasion to hands
  • Ground Edge Slides are with 90 deg corner and are manufactured using grinding process which results in a high quality fine ground edge. Ground edges of Microscope slides reduces the danger of cuts and infections to laboratory personnel  
  • Slides with beveled edge have eight beveled edges with 45 deg corner
  • Thickness 1.0 mm


Item Description Volume/Size Brand UOM1
LAB-033 Glass Slides, Plain, Ground Edge 26 X 76 mm Technologist Choice 144 slides/gross
LAB-033B Glass Slides, Plain, Bevelled Edge 26 X 76 mm Technologist Choice 144 slides/gross
LAB-031 Glass Slides, Large Plain, Ground Edge 38 X 76 mm Technologist Choice 72 slides/box