Mdf® Cardio-X™ Stethoscope

  • This is not a cardiology stethoscope, this is the MDF ® ProCardial ® ERA ™
  • It is a stethoscope completely reinvented and you won’t believe how light it is
  • In addition to the redesigned lightweight headset and patented sound-sealing A2X tubing, it features a convertible chestpiece with 3 real bells and 3 separate diaphragms in adult, pediatric, and infant modes                                                                                                                     
  • Enhanced by 7 unique patents, the handcrafted ProCardial ® ERA ™ abolishes the age-old dichotomy by proving a true high-performance stethoscope can also be lightweight
  • The ProCardial ® ERA ™—a complete paradigm shift


Item UOM1
MDF-006 Each