The Technologist Choice™ Reagent Strips are high quality dip-and-read test strips, intended for use as an in vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens. The strips provide qualitative and semi-quantitative tests by visual comparison of the reacted reagent to the color chart printed on the bottle label. All tests are read at 60 or 120 seconds

The Technologist Choice™ urine dipsticks can screen for a comprehensive range of analytes. The urinalysis results aid in the diagnosis of conditions such as urinary tract infection (leukocytes/pH/nitrites) or diabetes (glucose/ketones). The dipsticks are available in various parameter combinations depending on the clinical situation for which they are required

The Technologist Choice™ performs exceptionally well when compared to the leading products on the market. No clinically significant differences were found between results obtained with DiaScreen® and other leading commercially available urine dipsticks


Item Description UOM1
TST-320 Urinalysis Reagent Strips, 2 Sg 100 Strips / Bottle
TST-321 Urinalysis Reagent Strips, 5 Sg 100 Strips / Bottle
TST-322 Urinalysis Reagent Strips, 10 Sg 100 Strips / Bottle