Pasteur Pipettes

Produced from soda-lime, gamma-irradiated glass

Offered in 5.75 in. and 9 in. lengths along with cotton plugged and non-plugged options

Feature constricted tops for cotton plugging


Item Description Volume/Size UOM1
PIP-010 Pasteur Pipets, Glass 5 3/4" 1000/CS
PIP-010P Pasteur Pipets, Borosilicate Plugged 5 3/4" 1000/CS
PIP-011 Pasteur Pipets, Glass 9" 1000/CS
PIP-015 Pipets Westergren, Self zero 1000/CS
PIP-024 Pasteur Pipets, Plugged 5 3/4" 1000/CS
PIP-024L Pasteur Pipets, Plugged, Large 5 3/4" 1000/CS