Household Industrial Gloves, Red WL-810

  • Rubber Safety Gloves
  • Made with 100% premium Natural Rubber
  • Good for cleaning, food processing, bottling, canning, and other activities
  • Made with a rough finish and  a rolled cuff
  • Provides protection from animal fats, caustics, acids, salts, alcohols and detergents
  • Colour: Red
  • CE category, EN388 , EN420 approved


Item Volume/Size UOM1
WLS-810A 7.5 Doz
WLS-810B 8 Doz
WLS-810C 8.5 Doz
WLS-810D 9 Doz
WLS-810E 9.5 Doz
WLS-810F 10 Doz
WLS-810G 11 Doz